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Q1. Is registration mandatory to use the site, and what is the registration process.
Ans. Registration is not required to access the site, but is required if you would like to post items and access advanced functions of the site. Registration process involves filling up and submitting a basic form with your information followed by EMAIL CONFIRMATION by clicking the link that is sent to your email address used during the registration process.

Q2. How much does registration cost.
Ans. Registration is free. All major services after registration are also free of cost.

Q3. What benefits does registration allow?
Ans. After registration you would be able to:-

(a) Create your personalized Lawyer Profile.
(b) Post your practice to our lawyer directory.
(c) View, search and contact other lawyers and attorneys.
(d) Add your legal firm videos, introductions, write articles and post blogs.
(e) Participate in forums.
(f) Download forms for your legal needs.

Q4. How do I add my listing to the lawyer directory.
Ans. After registration, navigate to the appropriate category, select an appropriate listing option and enter your law firm details. Your listing would be available online after admin approval.

Q5. How many listings can I add with my account.
Ans. You may enter up to 20 products with a free account. Paid listings allow you to add up to 50 product listings.

Q6. What all payment options are available.
Ans. We offer a variety of options to make an online payment. This includes using your credit card, PayPal® or®. Please contact us for details, if you would like to make a payment using a cheque.

Q7. How can I get my listing in the featured lawyer list.
Ans. Featured listings are paid listings; however, as a promotional measure, we do promote certain member listings as featured items on the home page. Contact us for more.

Q.8 I joined the site and activated my membership. Why is my personalized avatar / icon not shown in the list of latest members on the home page.

Ans. Only profiles that are updated and completed through uploading avatar images are displayed on the home page. Please visit your profile page and update your avatar image, to have your company displayed on the front page.

Q9. My Question is not answered in the FAQs.
And. If you have any questions, please post your issues and get help through our online Help and Support Forum. If you would like to get personalized help, you may contact us for further details.

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