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New Hampshire Helmet Protestor Killed in Motorcycle Accident

New Hampshire Helmet Protestor Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Opinions vary greatly on the issue of whether motorcycle riders should be legally required to wear head protection. But, there is one fact that all sides agree upon. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous whether or not a helmet is being worn while the bike is in use. Traffic accidents are one certainty on the highways, and motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to all types of bodily injury when involved in any accident, including minor crashes.

Many riding enthusiasts feel that a helmet is restrictive and the comfort of not wearing one improves the biker's ability to avoid other vehicles and pedestrians on the roadway. But, state legislatures and insurance companies understand well that head injuries regularly result in death. For governments, it impacts their responsibility to make the highways safer. For insurance companies, covering a horrific motorcycle accident is just not cost effective.

There was clearly an ironic twist in this argument recently in New Hampshire, as ABC News has reported. During a protest rally by a local New Hampshire riders' organization that was focused on maintaining the "no helmet" law that is currently in force in the state, one of the protesters died in a motorcycle accident as a result of head injuries received in the crash. The biker was not wearing a helmet. In addition, medical technicians and doctors stated later that he probably would have survived the wreck if he had been wearing protective head gear.

Motorcycle Wrecks Can Happen to Anyone

The legal professionals at Tenn and Tenn P.A. of New Hampshire are motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, and they often discuss accident statistics and details of the cases they’ve handled at length on their website. They have represented seriously injured motorcycle riders who have suffered injuries that have turned their lives upside down, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and severe injuries to the leg and lower extremities. They write that, “there is a saying among bikers, it’s not whether you will crash, but when.” They also explain on the home page of their website that, “motorcycle riders – even those wearing helmets and other protective gear – are especially vulnerable to serious injuries as a result of a crash.”

A motorcycle wreck can happen to anyone, and when it does, the total costs of hospital bills and lost wages that result from New Hampshire motorcycle accidents is $37 million on average. Tenn and Tenn also point out that even though there are restrictions in place requiring a helmet for operators and passengers of motorcycles, every motorcycle enthusiast should understand that their rights for compensation for personal injuries resulting from an accident are still effective when they are not wearing a helmet. However, regardless of state law, it is an intelligent decision to wear a helmet, anyway. Helmets are not required, but they are surely allowed, and wearing one while riding is clearly a sound decision.

Repeal of Head Gear Law Leads to Spike in Fatalities

There are many national statistics that support this position, but the New Hampshire Transportation Safety Administration may be the most specific with respect to accidents within the state. According to data from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in New Hampshire in the past decade since the repeal of head gear law for motorcyclists has increased by approximately 33 percent. In addition, the number of severe brain injuries that did not result in death increased sixfold. That is a telling statistic.

Legal Recourse after a Motorcycle Wreck

If you have been involved in a wreck while driving a motorcycle, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a professional motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible afterwardsfor a full evaluation of your accident and potential for a maximized personal injury claim. They are equipped with the knowledge to handle your case and can help you prepare your case for trial. Additionally, they know how to expertly document your damages and losses. Other services they provide include helping you to recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and property damage.

In this era of common distracted driving and road rage, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can focus on investigation methods and possibilities that attorneys who do not handle motorcycle accidents may not understand or have experience with. Not only are motorcycle riders often considered as second class motorists by other drivers, there are particular hazards they face every time they ride. Blind spots, coupled with bad driving habits by passenger vehicle operators, create compounded danger for the bikers.

Lastly, a motorcycle accident attorney specifically understands the problems associated with accidents involving motorcycles and their particular dilemma of danger on the highways. Depending on case particulars, they can assess the case from all angles, including long-term prognosis of injuries that can last a lifetime. They can also ensure that their clients are reimbursed properly for injuries that are often much more severe than those suffered in a standard wreck. Maximizing an award is important, especially when an injury will never go away.

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