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A Case For The Lawyers

The law as it operates today is the result of a hugely complicated process that has evolved over thousands of years. The earliest civilizations all had some form of law, as far as we can tell from historical documents. So it’s not especially surprising that we have the law system we do today, with all it’s procedural embellishments, clauses, sub-clauses and caveats. It is the response of humanity trying to apply order to something that is inherently without order, nature itself does not follow a rule book, that is if you subscribe to an atheist point of view, which you should. So when we try to come up with iron laws that govern a natural system such as our society and humanity is we run into problems. And it’s not just that the system is difficult but it is also fluid, it’s an ever changing and evolving thing so that rules that work now will be obsolete, or contradict commonsense, or seem plain crazy at some point in the future.

It is with all this in mind that I refer to the importance of having lawyers to wade through all these difficult jargon so that we may have a just society. I know that lawyers have obtained the prejudice of many for being hungry money grabbing weasels, trading on human misery. But I believe that to be only a small amount of rotten eggs giving the profession a bad name. Barristers are in general widely regarded as being certain kinds of bastions of truth an honor in a difficult and unkind world. Remember that it takes many years to study the law and obtain the qualifications needed to be the people’s representatives in this area.

The hard work and dedication to reach this level of study is a testament to a certain kind of selflessness in the pursuit. For if it’s just money that these people are after than there are surely easier ways of making it than the arduous road of a public defender. The task of throwing oneself into a world that is difficult to navigate and ruthless to those who fail to do so is emblematic of a certain type of personality who does not always wish the best for only themselves. This trait is most obviously displayed of course in those who chose to defend those who cannot usually afford the high prices that matters of law inevitably consume. Those who undertake a career in human rights law or pro bono publico, translated from Latin as ‘for the public good’, work, those lawyers can certainly not have the charge of money grabbing leveled at them.

These people who dedicate their lives to this endeavor should surely earn the respect and gratitude of a public that they serve, directly or indirectly, for even if you personally are not the recipient of pro bono work your live is certainly enriched in some way by living in a world where the opportunity to be defended is a human right. And these are human rights that we as a society have an obligation to fight for wherever it may seem that they are under threat. As the world changes and those in power deem it suitable to alter laws under the guise of national security or public interest we must remain as vigilant as ever in protecting both the rights of ourselves and others, especially those who do not have the capacity to defend themselves in matter of civil disputes, criminal law and Family Law Parramatta. We do our selves ill if we do not.

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Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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