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5 Questions You Need To Ask A Potential New Lawyer

5 Questions You Need To Ask A Potential New Lawyer

You might not think it, but there will come a time where you'll need to get some legal help from a lawyer. For example, you could be selling your home and need some contracts drawn up. You might also be going through tough divorce proceedings. Or you could be seeking compensation for a personal injury claim.

Whatever the reason, you'll need a lawyer to take on your case and deal with it. And you want to get the best possible outcome, of course. As you know, there are millions of attorneys out there. But, how do you know the one you're about to hire is any good?

Today's blog post is here to help! Take a look at five top questions you need to ask your prospective new lawyer:

1. How long have you been a lawyer?

The reason for asking that question is simple. You want to know what level of expertise the lawyer can offer. There's nothing wrong with hiring a recent graduate, of course. But, in some complicated cases, it makes sense to go with a law veteran.

There are times where experience can be a more valuable asset than theory. So, you should think about whether you need a seasoned attorney at law or not.

2. What is your typical case workload?

Asking that question helps you to find out which areas the lawyer specializes in at their firm. It's quite an important question, as you need someone that can handle your area of law.

After all; you wouldn't hire a divorce lawyer to help you with a personal injury claim, for example! Some lawyers might have more than one "interest" but you should seek out an expert in the field.

3. Who do you tend to deal with?

As with all service providers, lawyers often work with certain types of client. For example, some might work with people that have a high net-worth. Others prefer clients from lower income brackets.

You might be wondering why I'm asking that question. The answer is simple: it'll help you find out if their costs are affordable.

4. What's more important: making money or finding out the truth?

Some of you might think both points are just as important as each other. But, you might want a lawyer that will help you get justice. The primary reason for suing someone might not be because you want a big settlement.

You might want to do so to ensure what happened to you doesn't happen to anyone else. Reputable law firms like Zaner Harden Law will make sure your story gets told. Law isn't just about suing people for millions of dollars you know!

5. How will I get billed?

Lawyers tend to bill their clients in a variety of ways. For example, some might take your case on a "no-win, no-fee" basis. Others prefer to bill each month.

It's worth asking if portions of your case can get handled by paralegals. That's because you will end up paying less for legal representation.

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Jeff Tall (website) on Thursday, 21 November 2019 01:25

good information... got into an accident a few months ago and need to find the best lawyer I can...

good information... got into an accident a few months ago and need to find the best lawyer I can...
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