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Posted by on in Bankruptcy
DFW Bankruptcy Attorney Attorneys at The Law Office of Richard Weaver have worked for 27 years to help good people and their families out of unfortunate and stressful financial situations. Many of those we have assisted have used bankruptcy as an effective tool to achieve debt relief. When you contact the firm and permit their attorneys into your life, they understand you are entrusting them with your financial security and quality of life. A committed Dallas bankruptcy lawyer works hard towards making certain that the correct tool is used which best fits your unique situation. In your particular case, debt negotiation or settlement, where the attorneys work with your creditors to reduce or eliminate creditor bills, may be the right course of action. For some, loan modification can alter your mortgage in such a way so that you can pay what you owe and retain your home. Others may require a short sale, allowing them relief from a mortgage payment which they cannot make and, in many instances, fully discharging the debt they owe. Hiring a dallas bankruptcy attorney is not an easy decision, and we realize how difficult and painful financial problems can be. For this reason, we work very hard to be as approachable and compassionate with our clients as possible to assist in these difficult times. Resolving Debt Problems If you are in a situation of owing a large amount of back taxes, IRS tax resolution uses an attorney from the firm to work with the government to...
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Posted by on in Bankruptcy
Filing Chapter 7 in Texas When an individual, family or business has such serious debt problems that it is unlikely that they can be resolved or the obligations ever met, it may be time to consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This form of bankruptcy, which is named after the chapter in the federal code, allows you to have your debt "discharged" - you will no longer owe the bills you have.  There are certain bankruptcy exemptions and not all unsecured debt can be discharged.  Even with the exemptions, most of those whose finances have spiraled out of control can find the relief they need through filing Chapter 7, the most commonly used form of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer in West Covina The first step to take when considering bankruptcy is to contact a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer from Richard Weaver & Associates Law Offices.  We can evaluate your personal financial situation and determine whether you will qualify to file. Guiding you through the process, we will ensure that all of your requirements are correctly filed and completed; this will increase the likelihood that you will be found eligible for filingChapter 7 bankruptcy. Once your petition is in process, you will immediately begin to feel the relief from financial pressure that is the firstbenefit of bankruptcy.  There is an "automatic stay" on all collections and no creditor will have the right to contact you while the bankruptcy is making its way through the system. At the end of the process, your consumer or...
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Posted by on in Bankruptcy
Filing for Chapter 13 in West Covina Some individuals or families will not qualify forChapter 7 bankruptcy, or do not wish to lose certain assets that that might be liquidated in that form of bankruptcy. For such cases, Chapter 13 can be the solution you need to resolve serious debt problems and get your finances back on track.  Chapter 13 allows you to pay off your outstanding obligations over a 3 - 5 year period, and you are required to have a steady income, whether as an employee or as an self-employed person.  All of the outstanding debt is handled through one monthly payment that is affordable. At the end of the process, any remaining amount owing will be discharged.  In Chapter 13, when the process is completed, you will find that you actually only paid a percentage of the debt that was owed. Often the penalties, added costs and interest rates are stripped off and you do not have to suffer from ever-escalating and compounding interest and penalties. Abankruptcy lawyercan help you through the process. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in West Covina Our legal team at the firm assists clients who are seeking a resolution to serious debt problems, whether due to a mortgage problem, foreclosure, a divorce or other situation that has led to being unable to manage the debt load you have incurred.  Each case should be thoroughly reviewed to determine if Chapter 13 is right for you; in many cases, this is the best solution and has...
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Posted by on in Bankruptcy
What is Lien Stripping? Lien stripping is the process of converting a secured debt, such as a second mortgage, into an unsecured debt so that it may be considered in the calculation of your monthly debt payment underChapter 13 bankruptcy.  When you file bankruptcyunder Chapter 13 your monthly debt payment is determined by calculating your surplus income.  Surplus income is the amount you can expect to retain after you've paid your anticipated monthly expenses.  Your monthly debt payments are then calculated based on your surplus income so that you are paying only a portion of the original debt. Lien stripping may be highly advantageous to individuals filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the process is not automatic and requires certain complex legal actions are taken.  Successfully converting secured debt to unsecured debt is an arduous legal process that is subject to a variety of state and federal laws.  An experienced dallas bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you reduce your debts through lien stripping. West Covina Bankruptcy Attorney Filing bankruptcy is not a decision people make lightly.  If you are considering this action, it is critical you continue to protect your best interests and reduce your debt to the greatest extent possible.  Lien stripping may significantly reduce your debt and alter the calculation of your monthly debt payment.  If you are considering lien stripping, a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to assist you.  Richard or another seasoned bankruptcy attorney from our office can provide you with advice and assistance in optimizing...
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Posted by on in General
There are a variety of functions that public notaries perform. Following are descriptions of the most common notarial duties. While all states let their notaries to perform oaths/affirmations and acknowledgments, whether a notary may perform some other duties varies depending on the unique notary laws in each state. Honour and notaries are expected to understand what their state laws allow them to do. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Some record transactions require that the signer make an official announcement before a notary, thereby "recognizing" execution (signing) of the document. Specifically, that is verbally acknowledged by the signer: -- The signer understands the contents and purpose of the file; -- The signature is his/her own -- The record was signed willingly (no coercion) Files typically requiring an acknowledgment are powers of attorney, contracts, deeds, agreements, etc. These documents comprise terms to which the signer is agreeing. Documents demanding acknowledgment can be signed earlier than or at the time of notarization. If the record presented to the notary is unsigned, the notary should have the signer sign the record prior to administering the verbal service (see below). Having ensured that all the expected components for lawful notarization are present (see bullets below), the notary will verbally ask the signer the following or similar: "Do you acknowledge or declare that you just comprehend this record and have signed it voluntarily for the purposes stated inside it?" The signer will reply "Yes." By filling out his/her notarial certificate, subsequently sealing and signing the certificate the notary will subsequently finish...
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